The CoC’s Implementation Structure

The work of the CoC is organized by 12 lines of work, each with an infrastructure of working groups. They are overseen by All Chicago and the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services. Please see the organizational structure of the lines of work below. The CoC Board is made up of city officials, people with lived experience, service providers, and community partners who are elected in their positions every 2 years with elections happening yearly, according to the charter. The CoC Board and the lines of action are committed to reaching the Chicago CoC 2020 System Goals. Below is a chart displaying the CoC’s Implementation Structure. You can also learn more about each of the lines of work in gray below.

Learn more about each line’s progress and find out how you can get involved:

Proposed 2021 CoC Implementation Structure

Homelessness is a multifaceted problem that stems from a lack of social protection and the failure of many systems. Homelessness cannot be solved by individual people or agencies alone. Rather, ending homelessness requires collective community action.

In 2019, the Continuum of Care adopted the Implementation Structure (IS), formerly known as the Action Agenda, to enact the strategic vision of the CoC. The IS fosters collaboration and communication while allowing the community to engage in targeted decision-making. It spurs action, innovation, and implementation, making the continuum more responsive than a long-term strategic plan. The IS supports regular review of data to track progress toward preventing and ending homelessness and responding to the community’s immediate needs.

View the Community Guide to the Proposed 2021 CoC IS.

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