CoC Membership

The Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC) is made stronger through the participation of broad and diverse members. . Membership in the Chicago CoC consists of both Individual and Organizational memberships to ensure community-wide commitment to ending and preventing homelessness in Chicago.

By joining the Chicago CoC, you strengthen our collective voice to advocate for the policies and resources we need to make sure that everyone in Chicago has a place to call home. Members must complete an established membership registration process to be considered a member

Membership Benefits

Regional Planning

Be a part of the system that plans a coordinated, comprehensive approach to providing housing and service for people experiencing homelessness.

Training & Education

Membership allows you to be up to date on the latest education, training, and best practices for ending homelessness. Members benefit from ongoing training for all levels of staff.

Committee Engagement

CoC members can join leadership teams, workgroups, committees, or affinity groups.

Strategic Collaboration

Work in partnership and collaboration with stakeholders across Chicago. Membership keeps you up to date on initiatives and provides a voice in the strategies.


CoC Members have the opportunity to drive the policies that move our City toward our shared goal of ending homelessness.

Legislative Advocacy

Shape and advocate for critical policy priorities at local, state, and federal levels.

Membership Authority & Expectations

Much of the work of the CoC will be carried out by the CoC Board, committees, and other groups detailed in the CoC Charter, with input from Members. However, members will have direct responsibility and authority over the following matters:

  • Members will vote directly to approve the governance framework set forth in the CoC Charter and any subsequent changes or additions to the Charter;
  • Every three (3) years following an amendment, revision, or restatement of the Charter, the Members will review, update, and ratify changes to the Governance Charter;
  • Members will vote annually to approve a slate of directors for available board positions and
  • Members will approve Lead Agencies as detailed in Article 9 of the Charter.

Membership expectations include:

  • Attendance at All-CoC meetings (occurs twice a year)
  • Participation in advocacy initiatives
  • Paying annual dues (if applicable)
  • Commitment to working together to advance the mission and purpose of the CoC and achieve the goals of the strategic implementation structure
  • Understanding and following all guidelines, policies, and procedures set forth by the CoC

Use the buttons below to review the CoC Charter and CoC Implementation Structure (IS) Guidebook for detailed descriptions regarding CoC Membership Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations.

Membership Dues & Application

Membership dues are based on organization type and annual operating budget. Membership lasts for the entire calendar year, and renewals begin on January 1.

The CoC believes that the most important stakeholders are people with lived homeless experience and those at risk of homelessness. Because their participation is essential to the CoC governance and management, they are considered members and afforded all of the benefits of CoC membership regardless of whether they pay dues.

CoC Membership Bundling

Each organization should select a primary contact who will submit payment of Chicago CoC dues. The primary contact is the bundle administrator, who can add other bundle members to their organization. Bundle members are other staff members within the organization who would also like to access the CoC Membership benefits but do not have to pay individual dues.

Membership Levels

Organization Type 1 – $50.00

  • Annual revenue under $100k
  • Bundle up to 5 members

Organization Type 2 – $100.00

  • Annual revenue between $100k – $500k
  • Bundle up to 5 members

Organization Type 3 – $250.00

  • Annual revenue between $1mil – $3mil
  • Bundle up to 15 members

Organization Type 4 – $350.00

  • Annual revenue between $500k – $1mil
  • Bundle up to 10 members

Organization Type 5 – $500.00

  • Annual revenue greater than $3mil
  • Bundle up to 25 members

Government Membership – Free

  • Government entities/agencies
  • Bundle up to 10 members

Individual – Free

  • An individual who is not part of a provider agency OR
  • An individual who is a full-time student
  • An individual with lived experience or at risk of becoming homeless