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CoC Program Standards

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CoC Program Monitoring

The goals of Chicago Continuum of Care Program Monitoring are to:

  • Proactively assist projects with efforts to comply with Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations. Although CoC program monitoring does not exhaustively address all HUD program requirements, this process addresses areas that HUD prioritizes.
  • Provide guidance and technical assistance opportunities to CoC funded projects.
  • Help resolve performance concerns related to policies, procedures, and outcomes.
  • Ensure there is consistency in how agencies and projects implement their CoC-funded programs.

If you have any questions about CoC Program Monitoring, please contact Jennifer Fabbrini at

2022 CoC Program Monitoring Policies and Tools

All Chicago will use the following policies and tools for program monitoring.

Cohort 1 – October 2022

Cohort 2 – November 2022

Technical Assistance (TA) Resources

The following technical assistance resources have been developed by All Chicago for agencies receiving CoC Program Monitoring. All Chicago will continue to post new resources here. Agencies that are not selected for monitoring may also find these resources beneficial.

Financial Monitoring

All Chicago will use the following policies and tools for financial monitoring.

If you have any questions about financial monitoring, please contact Steve Gaydos at

CoC Financial Monitoring Policies and Tools