About All Chicago

Who We Are

All Chicago Making Homelessness History is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with local, state, and federal agencies to accomplish our shared goal of ending homelessness. We offer targeted emergency funds that fill gaps, work with community partners across the city that help diverse populations, and make sure these partners have the information and preparation needed to meet old and new challenges.

Our Mission:

Our Vision:

In our community, everyone has a home.

How We Are Ending Homelessness: Four Signature Approaches

We know how to end homelessness, but we need your help to do it.

On any given night, 6,000+ people are living on the streets or in shelters in Chicago. 10,000+ are just one unexpected setback away from joining them. These are our neighbors. This is our city. Together, we can ensure that we all have stable homes.