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According to the charter, the System Performance and Evaluation Committee is responsible for several CoC Planning activities including:

  • Using Point-In-Time Count data to conduct an annual gap analysis that is presented to the Board.
  • In coordination with the Collaborative Applicant and DFSS (ESG Recipient), establishing CoC system performance metrics and standards; evaluating CoC system performance; establishing metrics and standards for measuring the performance of ESG- and CoC-funded projects; and evaluating performance of those CoC and Emergency Solution Grant funded projects.
  • Convening an Evaluation Tool Subcommittee to develop a tool to evaluate performance of CoC-funded projects. Developing a CoC system performance dashboard that is presented to the Board and CoC stakeholders at a minimum annually. 
  • Convening a Point-in-Time Count subcommittee led by the Department of Family and Support Services with support from the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness to plan and implement a Point-In-Time Count every other year at minimum in accordance with HUD requirements.

To learn more about the System Performance and Evaluation Committee, please contact co-chairs Andrea Dakin and Melvin Alexander.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

SPEC August 12, 2016 - Agenda

SPEC September 9, 2016 - Agenda
SPEC September 9, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

SPEC October 14, 2016 - Agenda
SPEC October 14, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

SPEC November 10, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

SPEC December 9, 2016 - Agenda


Point-in-Time Subcommittee - Meeting Agendas and Minutes 

PIT Subcommittee - August 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Evaluation Tool Subcommittee - Meeting Agendas and Minutes

ET Subcommittee Agenda - August 18, 2016
ET Subcommittee Minutes - August 18, 2016 

ET Subcommittee Agenda - September 15, 2016
ET Subcommittee Minutes - September 15, 2016  

ET Subcommittee Agenda - October 6, 2016
ET Subcommittee Minutes - October 6, 2016

ET Subcommittee Agenda - November 17, 2016