HMIS Data Request

Requesting Data from Chicago’s HMIS

All Chicago is the collaborative applicant and HMIS lead for the Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC). If you need information from Chicago’s HMIS, begin by checking for that information on the dashboards. If the information is not available, an HMIS Data Request may be submitted. Requests take time so please submit them as early as possible. Before submitting, please read the review criteria and the request workflow below to learn about the process.

Requests will be prioritized according to the needs of the CoC and All Chicago’s obligations as Chicago’s HMIS lead agency and collaborative applicant. The time between a request being accepted and the final delivery of data will depend on All Chicago staff capacity and resources.

Some requests, such as those that come from outside the continuum of care or that are for advocacy or research purposes, may be subject to a charge of $125/hour of staff time. All Chicago will review any fees with you before beginning work on your data request.

Before Submitting a Data Request Please Review

All Chicago HMIS Terms of Use
HMIS Data Request Review Criteria
Chicago CoC Priority and Interest Areas
HMIS Data Standards

Please submit data requests by following the button below to complete a questionnaire. If you have any questions please contact