HUD CoC Chronic Homeless Definition History

Document provides background on the HUD Chronic Homeless Definition Final Rule and previous definitions. Helpful links to definition applicability and clarification are also included.

Chronic Homelessness Guidance and Materials

Document provides a resource list with links to the Chronic Homeless Verification Packet, CES workflows, data entry in HMIS, and HUD guidance. Some HUD FAQs on Chronic Homelessness Documentation are also provided.

Chronic Homelessness Verification Packet

Housing providers should use this Chicago Coordinated Entry System (CES) packet with applicants to document their length of homelessness and disabling condition

CoC COVID-19 Waiver Guide

This guide, updated January 2022, was created as an unofficial resource to assist CoC grantees in the implementation of various COVID-19 related waivers and flexibilities.