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The Action Agenda

The Action Agenda

The Action Agenda is a strategy and work plan to encourage the CoC, the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS), and All Chicago to become more responsive, collaborative, and action-oriented in our work to end homelessness. The Action Agenda guides how the CoC is organized to advance the goals of Plan 2.0, work toward the Chicago CoC system goals, and carry out our vision to end homelessness. 

Read the Action Agenda's 2018 Accomplishments to learn more about the progress the CoC made throughout 2018.

Lines of Work

The Action Agenda is organized around 12 lines of work, each with an infrastructure of working groups focused on implementing Plan 2.0. Learn more about each line’s progress, download Action Plans, and find out how you can get involved by clicking the links below:

CoC Board of Directors

Review a full list of CoC Board members here and learn more about the Board here.
Review the System Goals Dashboard here.

Stay Informed

Have questions or concerns about the Action Agenda? Feel free to email Dave Thomas or Maura McCauley with any feedback.