The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) line of work seeks to maximize the capacity of HMIS to support the system and ensure our collective work is speeding progress to end homelessness. Activities include system modifications, system expansion, customer service improvements, and connecting to other data systems.

Contact Beth Horwitz with questions about the HMIS line of work.

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Committees and Workgroups

HMIS Working Committee

The HMIS Working Committee works closely with All Chicago to refine the structure of HMIS, workflows, data quality, and documentation. The committee meets monthly and has replaced the Data Quality Steering Committee.

Expertise needed: Participation on this committee requires knowledge of the HMIS system and its operations in Chicago. Membership is open, but voting will be limited to those who attend consistently.

Meeting details: The committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10-11:30a. Please see the events calendar for more details.

HMIS Evaluation Committee

The HMIS Evaluation Committee focuses on big picture decision-making as it relates to HMIS, data security, the vendor, and evaluation of the lead agency.  They work in partnership with the Systems, Operations and Performance Committee (SOPC) of the CoC Board. They also hear grievances related to sanctions by the HMIS Lead Agency.

Expertise needed: Participation in this committee requires knowledge of the HMIS system and its operations in Chicago and an ability and interest in thinking about strategic, high level decisions about HMIS.

Meeting details: The cadence of the meetings are still being finalized but it is anticipated they will occur every other month or quarterly. This page and the events calendar will be updated with more information as it is finalized. Please contact Beth Horwitz to be added to the email list.