Employment & Income​

This line of work incorporates access to income into Chicago’s homeless response system from the front door through housing. Activities include SOAR, specialized employment, and the public workforce system into the homeless response system, as well as developing an employer engagement strategy.

Contact Carrie Thomas or Jennifer Miller-Rehfeldt with questions about this line of work.

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Committees and Workgroups

Employment Task Force

This group increases meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for people experiencing or most at risk of homelessness.
Who Should Join: Anyone with an interest in employment is welcome to attend. 
Meeting details: The Employment Task Force meets the second Friday of each month from 9:30 AM -11:30 AM at the Michael Barlow Center (2120 W. Warren Blvd.), and is currently meeting virtually. Contact LaVida Davis at lavida@cjc.net for more information. 


SOAR Workgroups

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) is an evidence-based method of assisting people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness to apply for Social Security Disability benefits (SSI/SSDI). SOAR helps communities increase access to disability benefits by providing a streamlined process to complete applications and communicating critical knowledge about SSI/SSDI.
Meeting details: This group meets as needed. Contact Margaret Smith for further details.

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