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Crisis System Transition

Crisis System Transition

The Crisis System Transition line of work coordinates and aligns the crisis response system services to support access to permanent housing solutions. Activities include coordinating outreach activities, developing and executing a diversion strategy, standardizing service delivery, right-sizing shelter bed inventory, and navigation to scale.

Contact Christine Riley with questions about this line of work.

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Right-sizing Workgroup
This group will look at temporary bed projections, temporary bed-right-sizing and crisis services transition. The goal of the workgroup is to efficiently identify the necessary shelter bed resources, capacity needs, and provide appropriate resources to organizations within the CoC, as well as define the vision for a crisis response system.
Expertise needed: Stakeholders with knowledge of shelter system program models (emergency and transitional), funding requirements, and capacity building.
Meeting details: This workgroup will meet every two weeks on Tuesday from 10am – 11:30 am. The location will rotate. Check the calendar for the latest meeting details, and contact contact Christine Riley at, 312-746-8727 for more information.

Diversion/Implementation Workgroup
Working with the Coordinated Entry System (CES), provide a roadmap for effective and appropriate shelter diversion activities which will quickly connect individuals and families with alternate housing arrangements and services.​
Expertise needed: Diversion policy and processes, vast knowledge of options and resources that can be used to divert eligible clients from shelter.
Meeting details: This group meets every Monday at 10a.m at Salvation Army’s Shield of Hope Center, 924 North Christiana. Check the calendar for the latest information, and contact Christine Riley at, 312-746-8727 to RSVP. 

Outreach Workgroup
This group will align outreach with CES targeting. They will work actively with CES to identify individuals who are disengaged from the system or are in need of higher levels of care. The group will identify outreach plans and resources to support targeted populations, as well as develop strategies for encampments.
Expertise needed: Knowledge of or experience with coordinating outreach procedures and processes, working with homeless populations that are transient, and having a vast knowledge of options and resources that can be used to assist clients.
Meeting details: This group meets every other Wednesday from 3:30pm - 4:30pm at Salvation Army Freedom Center - 825 North Christiana, Room 47. Check the calendar for the latest information, and contact Christine Riley at, 312-746-8727 to RSVP.

  • Drop-in Center Workflow Ad-Hoc Workgroup
    The purpose of this workgroup, which is a part of the Outreach workgroup, is to create a standardized workflow for client intake and service transactions for the drop-in centers within the CoC. This work group is ad hoc and has an end date and will come together on an as needed basis, as issues or opportunities arise.
    Expertise needed: Experience with client intake, in particular, at drop-in centers
    Meeting details: This group meet every two weeks on Tuesdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm at the La Casa Norte Drop-In Center - 3533 West North Avenue. Check the calendar for the latest information, and contact Christine Riley at, 312-746-8727 to RSVP.