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The Communications line of work is responsible for managing the internal and external communications of Chicago's Homeless Response System in a comprehensive and responsive manner. Activities include providing Action Agenda materials and updates, serving as the system communications strategist, creating regular communications that provide performance updates, coordinating media relations, and managing system-wide advocacy priorities. Contact Adina Young with any questions.

Action Plans

November 2019
October 2019 (workgroup)
September 2019 (workgroup)
August 2019 (workgroup)
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Attendance Tracker

Please note: We have temporarily removed these from the website due to privacy issues. Should you have immediate questions, please contact Adina Young, Communications Manager. 

Workgroups and Committees

Communications Committee
The CoC Communications Committee will carry out a workplan created by the Communications Manager and the Ad-hoc Communications Workgroup, which was established in response to the Agenda Refinement Plan. That workgroup, made up of members from the community, was tasked with the creation and initial implementation of the Communications Line of Work's Workplan.
Expertise Needed: Communications and marketing professionals who are interested in improving communications and marketing within the CoC.
Meeting Details: 1x a month beginning November 2019